Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Last few days @hsenid mobile solutions

This gonna be the last couple of days @ hsenid mobile solutions " I want to recall my memory when we were asked to select training places. I had a dream to have my internship at mubhaser

Unfortunately i missed that opportunity and finally i had to chose hsenid. I thought it is a company which develops mobile applications.( mobile operating systems , applications). OOPS...!!!
I was totally in correct. It is a place where develop core mobile applications. It means they are using USSD gate ways, SMSC ,MMSC and create some valuable applications. As an example at the bigging i worked on a recharge application for .I am not going to talk more about this.

When i go back to past 6 moths i can find a significant change in my life.Before this internship i could not even stand in front of a monitor more than one hour. And also dint have a self confidence regarding what i am i capable to do. But this training has injected me those qualities. Actually now what i feel is hsenid is a paradise to learn. Before this internship i have never used linux based operating system. But here we always using ferora 6 and fedora 12. It was a real challenge for me to get familiar with os. Because of the supportive supervisors i could manage it. Specially Mr.Vimalaharan. As a result of this energy which was injected to my brain by hsenid mobile solutions this time i could participate to google summer of code 2010 and could able to pass from mid evaluations. Thanks lot hsenid. i am very lucky to have my internship @hsenid mobile solutions.

Actually it is really hard to leave this supportive members. But what to do.... time has come to leave... But i am having a idea to join hsenid as a employ one day..

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